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CEC Committees

Membership of the Committees:
Committee members are made up of Community Equity Council members, community members and Ottawa Police Service members. Community and OPS members can indicate at any time an interest in a committee. 

Co-Chairs for Committees:
There are two co-chairs (one from the OPS and one from the community) for each committee and at least one co-chair has to be sitting on the Community Equity Council. The other co-chair will be chosen from committee members. 

Frequency of Meetings:
Committee meetings are held six times a year, in the alternative month that the Council is not meeting. The months for committee meetings are: February, April, June, August, October and December.

Supports to Committees:
The Diversity and Race Relations office will support the committees including providing the minutes and logistical support.

Our Committees

There are seven Standing Committees for the Community Equity Council. Each have their own Terms of Reference.

Find out more about the CEC Committees and their mandate below. 

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Anti-Racism Committee

Looks at ways that the OPS can work with communities who have identified the OPS as being racist or where incidents occur and racism is named as one of the dynamics in the situation.

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Communications Committee

Responsible for CEC Website, Developing Social Media Policy and Review the Community Engagement feedback and present a report to the CEC on the issues emerging from the community.

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Hiring and Training 

This committee will work closely with the internal OPS members that are implementing the EDI initiative.

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Indigenous Relations Committee

Works on areas that need strengthening between the Indigenous community and the OPS.

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Leadership Committee

Reviews issues that come from the community and indicate that the process that the OPS member(s) used was not productive or effective. This committee will support existing OPS processes to resolve the issue in a constructive and strength based way while also providing recommendations for better or new processes.

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EDI Implementation Committee

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LGBTQ Flags Center

2SLGBTQ+ Committee

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