Meet the Members of the CEC

CEC Elders


Irene Compton

First Nation Elder

Parm Burgie

Métis Senator

Aigah Attagutsiak 

Inuit Elder


CEC Co-Chairs and Vice Co-Chairs (Community and Police)


CEC Community Members


Hector Addison

Community Member

Huda Alsarraj

Community Member

Malik Ayass

Community Member


Teresa Edwards

Community Member

Hodan Egale

Community Member

Debbie Hoffman

Community Member


Heidi Langille

Community Member

Jalil Marhnouj

Community Member

Noura Ahmed

Community Member


CEC Ottawa Police Services Members


Supt. Jamie Dunlop


Diversity and Race Relations

S/Sgt Ian Hayes

Supt. Joan McKenna

Community Relations


Supt. Chris Renwick

Criminal Investigations

Supt. Chris Rheaume

Support Services


Individual Council Members Roles and Responsibilities

a) Attend Council meetings every second month.

b) Adhere to the Code of Conduct of the Council.

c) Work on at least one committee or work group.

d) Meet with members of the public (outside of your community) at least once a year to get feedback on the relationship with the police. 


e) Use the key communication messages developed by the Council when participating in the public meetings.f) Stay connected to your nominated community organization through a formal accountability

f) Stay connected to your nominated community organization through a formal accountability mechanism. (e.g. attending meetings to give and receive feedback)

Indigenous Elders Roles and Responsibilities

• The Council will work with the Ottawa Aboriginal Coalition to select three Elders to represent the Indigenous (First Nation, Inuit and Métis) community in Ottawa. The Elders will rotate so that there is one Elder available for each Council meeting.

Police Members Roles and Responsibilities

• Council membership from the Ottawa Police Service is based on position as indicated below:

o Deputy Chief (Co-Chair)

o Supt. Criminal Investigations, or designate

o Supt. Community Safety Services, or designate

o Supt. Front Line Deployment, or designate

o Supt. Support Services, or designate

o Supt. Training & Development, or designate

o Director of Community Development

o Executive Officer to the Chief of Police

o Staff Sergeant, Diversity and Race Relations (Vice Chair)

o Executive Advisor on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (under development)

• The OPS Co-Chair of the Council will inform the OPS members of their selection.

Community Members Roles and Responsibilities

• There will be an open and transparent recruitment process for community members, including a clear description of the qualifications that are needed to be on the Council.

• The membership criteria (above) will form the basis for selection of membership to the Council.
• The recruitment information will be distributed broadly throughout the community.

• The process will include an application form, signed agreement to the Mandate, submission of resume, letter of interest and a letter from a community organization that the candidate will be accountable to.

• All final candidates for the Council will go through an interview process.

Roles and Responsibilities of Community Equity Council Members